Create Your Own  Premium, Personalised Product Range

Imagine having your own exclusive range of high-quality products, perfectly tailored to reflect your brand’s unique personality, without the stress of managing inventory or the logistics of shipping.
Welcome to You’ve Got Merch – your all-in-one solution for creating premium, personalised merchandise that leaves a lasting impression.

We believe that your brand deserves nothing but the best. Our premium products are crafted with care, from stylish apparel to quirky accessories, our range is designed to support your business and brand to stand out and build connection with your clients and communities.

We believe that the magic lies in the little things. That’s why every item is hand-finished in-house with meticulous attention to detail. Our services go beyond the typical print-on-demand offerings. With us, you can get the real personal touch.


You’ve Got Merch Includes:

Branded Swing Tags

Make your merchandise more meaningful with custom swing tags that reflect your brand’s identity. 

Unique Packaging

Make a statement with packaging that’s as thoughtful and beautiful as the products inside. We work with you to ensure everything is aligned with your brand.

Branded Postcards

We include branded postcards and printed collateral to support your brand message.

Handwritten Notes

We can even add an additional personal touch with handwritten notes to your customers, making each package feel like a special gift.

We Pick Pack and Post

No more worrying about storage and postage, headaches of stock management and shipping logistics. We handle everything from pick, pack, and post, ensuring your products are delivered with care. We even offer fulfilment for other items you may have in your business (e.g. books) so we can deliver as a one stop shop solution to your customers and clients and you can focus on what you do best – building your brand and connecting with your community.

Build Connections Through Meaningful Designs

Our designs are more than just prints; they’re expressions of creativity and connection. With quirky print placements and thoughtful details, each product is a conversation starter and a piece of your brand’s story. We help you create merchandise that not only looks good but also resonates with your community on a deeper level.


Create your own product range…

Create with a Cuppa

Collaborate over a cuppa to create a collection of products that reflect your brand’s unique style and message. We will support you with our design experience and online marketing and retail knowledge. This can be done in person or video call.

Customise Your Collections

We will mock up all your designs and work with you to create your brand’s swing tags, packaging, and personal notes to make each item truly yours.

Launch it with Love

We will support you with product mock ups, website consultancy support and provide an online shopping page for you to share with the world.

Leave the Rest to Us

We handle the production, inventory management, and shipping, ensuring every order is fulfilled with love and care.

Boost Your Business

In addition to your own website presence we can add you too our own online Business Boutique helping to support you to connect and collaborate with a wider audience.

Make Money

Whether you want to make money for your business or want to contribute to a charity, you will recieve an agreed commission for each product sold and you will be able to keep track of your sales online.  Your community can shop 247  and YES you can even earn money from your merch while you sleep!

I am thrilled to share my wonderful experience working with Naomi on setting up my merchandise line. Naomi’s expertise and dedication have made the entire process absolutely seamless. She is not only brilliant at what she does but also an absolute joy to collaborate with.

Naomi’s professionalism and attention to detail have been truly reassuring throughout the journey. From the initial design concepts to the final print and fulfilment, she has managed every step with utmost care and precision. Her commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of her work, as she meticulously hand-finishes each item to a remarkably high standard.

Angele Florence Bentley

Ice Warrior

Why Work With Us

Hi, I’m Naomi, and with over 24 years of entrepreneurial experience, I’ve successfully run multiple product-based businesses. I have my own clothing and personalised positivity product range, and I thrive on creating unique product lines and client gifts for other businesses.

We blend the convenience of print-on-demand with a focus on passion, purpose, and personalisation.  We love creating full product ranges and we offer hundreds of bespoke products tailored to your needs.

Our attention to detail sets us apart, ensuring every item we create is crafted to perfection. Additionally, we provide consultancy, marketing and web design services for those seeking expert advice on merchandise, multi channel sales and in person and online marketing.

Create Unique Client Connections

Join the gorgeous brands who have discovered the difference of truly personalised, premium merchandise. We are all about building beautiful connections through products that people love and cherish. Because we believe that when you put love and attention into the little things, it creates something truly magical.

Ready to elevate your brand with merchandise that creates an impact?

Book a call today to start your journey and let’s create something extraordinary together.

Seamless Integration and Online Support

We don’t just stop at creating your merchandise. We also support you with an online sales portal and seamless integration into your website. Our comprehensive service ensures that your products are easily accessible to your customers, enhancing their shopping experience and boosting your sales.

I very much wanted a beautiful range of merchandise to accompany my books but knew I didn’t have the time or skill to bring it all to fruition; enter Naomi! Naomi takes my ideas and rolls them around in glitter! She is professional and capable and she seamlessly manages the day-to-day creation, order and shipping process, so that I may focus on writing. It is a match made in heaven and I highly recommend!

Donna Ashworth

How much does it cost?

Our You’ve Got Merch Packages start from just £299 however personalisation isn’t a one-size-fits-all.

We have outlined some packages to give you an idea of how it works, and you can order below but if you have specific requirements or any questions we would love to discuss your specific needs over a virtual cuppa.

Working with Naomi is like going to a sweetie shop. Her creativity and ideas she bring to your range is fabulous. She is so committed to providing a top-class service, both in the product ranges she creates but also to the customer. The attention to detail and the customer experience is excellent.  I love collaborating and creating wonderful products for my clients, all with strong life affirming messages. 

Alison Blackler


When you order a full Product Range Package and pay in full you will recieve a FREE Pop Up Shop including:

  • £333 worth of products from your range
  • Point of Sale Material to help market your products at events.
  • Branded Case to keep all your products for your pop up shop looking professional and provide an easys solution for your merch on the move.

Depending on which package you choose and how much you sell will depend on the breakeven point. As an example if you invested £1999 and your average product price is £45 you would breakeven at 111 units based on 20% commission from every item you sell.


he initial set up will take approx 4-6 weeks


We will endeavour to keep as much stock onsite however should we go out of stock an alternative colour or size may be offered. Stock will be replenished as soon as we can.


You will be able to access an online sales portal and payments will be made monthly.


Please just pop me a message Or you can book a free call here:

I would love to hear from you.

We LOVE working with Naomi at Branded Business Boutique because of the love and attention they pour into every item they produce for us. Whether it’s bespoke gifts to delight our clients or our business-branded hoodies and merchandise, we can be confident of their quality and high standards every time. We’re a small enterprise, but they treat us like we’re a big deal – it’s that attitude and personal service that sets them apart and why we choose to continuously work with them.”

Carolyn & Paul

Being Human At